About Lani

Lani Advokat, MS, RYT 200-hr

Half Dome Yoga

I am a committed ultra trail runner/mountain climber, high school counselor, vegan foodie,  traveler, adventure seeker, animal lover, southpaw, yoga practitioner and teacher.

I was initially attracted to yoga for the physical practice.   After a particularly stressful day, while working as a waitress, I decided to try a hot yoga class.   Sweating profusely for an hour and a half without having to run marathon distance?  Yes, please!

Right away, that one class turned into a daily practice and it didn’t take long before I started to realize that yoga was much more than a good workout. Yes, physically I was getting stronger and my endurance was increasing, but I started to notice growth in other areas of my life as well. For me, yoga is a physical, emotional and intellectual practice with limitless potential for personal growth.

In the spring of 2012 I had a desire to share yoga with others and to deepen my understanding of the practice. After completing my M.S., Counseling from California State University, Long Beach I enrolled in a 200-hr Power Vinyasa teacher training program through Core Power Yoga (www.corepoweryoga.com).  I enjoy making yoga accessible to people and I have taught in a variety of settings from yoga studios and gyms to parks and at an inner city high school.

As a teacher, I don’t expect everyone to be at the same level, or to show up for the same reasons and with the same expectations.   My goal is to create a fun, challenging and non-intimidating space where yogis of all levels are able to explore and test their boundaries, increase their physical and mental strength and get whatever it is they need from this amazing practice.

Headshot Yoga

   Teacher Trainings:

CorePower Yoga, Power Yoga 200-hr Yoga Alliance Certified  (2012) Teachers: Jen DeKok & Vivian Ngyuen

CorePower Extensions Program  (2012)
Mentor: Shari Sarto

Trilogy Yoga – Yogulation Mentorship Program (2012)
Mentor: Dharma Shakti



CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Coach (2014)

CorePower Yoga Wellness Cleanse Guest Lecturer (2013)

CorePower Yoga Wellness Cleanse Coach (2013)

CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Extensions Program Coach (2013)

CorePower Yoga 200hr Power Yoga Teacher Training Coach (2014)